As always, our goal is your complete satisfaction. Therefore, we have prepared a text that aims to help you in case of the need to return goods or exercise your right to complain.

Taking care of your Contacts

Contact lenses are made from highly sensitive materials that are friendly to your eyes, but can very easily be damaged by rough handling. Therefore, it is advisable to follow a few guidelines to prevent any possible inconvenience.

  • What can damage the lenses?
    • Tears when removing from the case.
    • Pinching by screw caps on the case.
    • Damage from fingernails or improper forceps.
    • Neglecting cleaning, allowing harmful deposits.
  • How do I properly handle the contact lenses?
    • Never hold the lens with fingernails.
    • Do not remove the lens by dragging it on the inside of the case - stick the lens on your fingertip or use special tweezers.
    • Only use specially designed tweezers for handling your lenses.
    • Always make sure that the lens is floating in the solution and not stuck to the wall of the case - closing the lid could damage it.
    • When removing dirt rub your finger not circularly, but directly - circular movements can cause tearing of the lens.

Warranty & Complaints

Complaints regarding contact lenses can proceed in cases where the lens was damaged by the factory, and also in some other cases.

  • What defects can be claimed?
    • Contact lens is completely missing from the blister - the blister must be sent with the claim.
    • Two lenses are stuck together in the blister - the blister must be sent with the claim.
    • Contact Lens is stuck to the side of the case - the blister must be sent with the claim.
    • Defective Materials - an extremely unusual situation, which usually requires a factory recall.
  • What defects cannot be claimed?
    • Suitability for the wearer - buyers should get tested and receive a prescription from an optician to determine the proper strength.
    • Damage caused by the buyer - lenses can easily be damaged by improper or rough handling. Alza guarantees the highest standard in its delivery services; therefore claims of damaged packaging will be rejected unless the buyer can directly attribute the damage to the deliverer.


Contract withdrawal (i.e. returns) for contacts require returning the full delivery, including all packaging, especially the full quantities of lenses with intact blisters.

In accordance with the provisions of Section 1837 point g) of the Civil Code, consumers cannot return certain goods that have been removed from packaging for hygienic reasons.

However, it is possible to withdraw from the contract if the packaging blisters were not disturbed. In this case the buyer is entitled to a payment of the purchase price corresponding to the undisturbed blisters containing contact lenses.


Our offerings of contact lenses are always available in an electronic leaflet in Czech, Slovak and English. On request, we are also pleased to send it to you by e-mail or printed mail.

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